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LM Catering & Events

1932 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL 60612


Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm



LM Catering & Events is the team people turn to when they want a different take on catering. We’re cool and artsy and we show people how to think outside the ballroom. Our customers love us because on the one hand we’re a touch unconventional, but on the other we’re completely professional. We pay attention to every last detail.

Founded in 2010 by Nicole and Stephan Outrequin Quaisser, LM Catering & Events is a part of LM Restaurant Group and  provides full service catering to the Chicagoland area. Additionally, LM Catering & Events is the exclusive caterer and event management team at City View Loft, Lacuna Events by LM and The Zhou B Art Center. The LM Catering & Events team has worked to create a full service approach at these three exclusive venues, in an effort to give clients the complete service they are accustomed to receiving at hotels but in one of a kind settings.


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